Plans For KOFIVE's Future

The Next Step For Kofive

Kofive is now, and probably always will be still under development. We welcome your suggestions, ideas, help, and contributions.


One of the things we are looking at right now is bringing the Kofive editing process online, such that a client does not need to have a Kofive Key if they don't want it. If you would like to help contribute to this project, please let us know on the Contact Page.


Keep in mind that the entire purpose of Kofive is to allow web site designers to build sites for their clients, such that the clients can update the content on specific areas of their websites.


This has to be kept extremely easy for the client - no more difficult than the basic elements of a word processor.


We want our clients to be pleased to be able to edit their content, and we don't want them to get to other parts of the site where they might corrupt those elements. We want to give our clients good value for the fees they pay us, and give them something no one else can give them - Kofive technology.


New Plans will be posted here as we add them to the queue.