Contribute to KOFIVE

How To Contribute

You can support the Kofive project by making a financial contribution, by contributing ideas and suggestions, or by working the actual code.


Conribute financially through PayPal by clicking here: 


Financial contributions go first to pay for website hosting, and if there's any left over after that, they will be applied to buying a pizza or soft drinks for the programmers. If you are a software contributor or tester for Kofive, we will definitely let you know if some of these funds become available.


If you'd like to contribute ideas and suggestions, first check our Future Plans page, and if your idea isn't already outlined there, then go to our Contact Page to share your ideas with us.


If you'd like to work the actual code, either through doing initial coding or doing quality assurance and testing work (i.e., trying to break the code), please let us know via our Contact Page.


This is a very worthwhile project that benefits Website Developers and Web Clients alike, and we can use all the help we can get.